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Gwen SAMAIN : PhD defense – Branch-and-bound algorithm for efficient resolution of sparse optimization problems.

Centrale Nantes, Amphi E

Abstract: Numerous inverse problems in signal processing, statistics, biomedical imaging, astronomy and machine learning can be cast as the search for the best pattern combination fitting measurements, these patterns being taken from a known dictionary. The sparsity of the problem comes from the small number of patterns desired, using a l0 term. Several standard methods, […]

Nils FOIX-COLONIER – Deep learning-based compression and despeckling of SAR images

Abstract: The usefulness of spaceborne synthetic aperture radar (SAR) systems, with its wide range of valuable applications, is well established. It can be used anytime and under any weather to monitor forest evolution, to secure maritime areas, to measure geophysical parameters remotely, etc. This is why data downlink and its interpretability are key issues. The […]